Bible Tools

NEW! is now in development!

  • a cross-platform bible application
  • with high-quality resources
  • and unique features
  • running offline
  • in Windows, macOS and Linux

In this new app, we plan to integrate all the top features of our sibling apps, together with additions of new resources and analytical tools (e.g. natural language toolkit). Its interface is specially designed to run in Windows, macOS and Linux as a native desktop application.

We base our core application on Python programming language. You are welcome to contribute ideas, codes or donations. Feel free to contact us for further information.

We develop and maintain a wide range of amazing bible resources (see Siblings). We are committed to make them freely available to everyone through our websites. However, we do not have any fundings to cover regular costs, required for hosting service, multiple registration fees, development of ours apps and resources, etc.

We would like to, therefore, invite you to take part in our development via donations. If you see that God bless His children through our sites, please consider to make a contribution in the kingdom of God.

The button below will direct you to our PayPal account, where you can pay to support our development.

Much appreciated.